Keeps you turning pages until the end!

Vandiye's Journey of Many Lands is a definite must-read!  I have read many books that I can't compaire to holding my interest better or longer than Vandiye.  The story is captivating and inspiring and the descriptions are beautiful and precise without being too protracted as most authors tend to do.  The book is very fast-paced and exciting; you will not be able to put it down.  I have recommended this book to everyone I know and cannot wait for the next one!

-A. Hinson


Wow!  I just received the Book and Audio CD package of Vandiye's Journey of Many Lands!  I was both surprised and pleasantly pleased to find the beautiful "posh" velvet pouch containing my CD's.  Also tucked inside the pouch is a special golden certificate with information about the story and author.  The author has personally handwritten an issue number AND autographed the certificate too!  Oh... the best part of the package?-The story itself!  Absolutely incredible!  Last night, I began listening to my CD's, narrated by the author, as I read along in the book.  I found myself both mesmerized and completely "puled iont" the action and adventure of the journey!  Before I knew it...I was almost half way through the book in one sitting!  I'm certainly looking forward to reading many more advetnures from this unique, dow-to-earch yet very powerful Super Hero!  Thanks again.  The package is truly impressive and no doubt a treasure for present and future collectors.



Super Hero Adventure

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