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We'll provide information in the upcoming year regarding the comic book series.  Stay tuned!


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Additional books are planned for release in the future. 

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The Vandiye story is one of a package of films slated for funding in the upcoming years.  Film development is a long process which undergoes various stages to complete the film.  More information will be provided with specifics are available for release. 

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We plan to extend the seminars to reach more counties in each state.



The Story


We're thrilled to be providing stories in this action adventure series.  For over 10 years, we've been creating content and merchandise to entertain audiences.

About The Adventure


Vandiye's Journey of Many Lands details Cord Berringer's journey to become Vandiye over time and space, but also tells of the journeys Cord takes within himself.  To conquer losses of family, love, freedom and his entire way of life, Cord will have to conquer the pain and heartache of life.

Cord's courage, honor and character will always lead him to the path of righteousness no matter how many times evil attacks.

Whether it is the cowardly weakness of the Stirshian Prince Thaed, the evil of E-tay, the deception of E-naid, the greed of Duwan or the deception of Virgil Cain, the threat to destroy Cord is always eminent.

Cord's actions and heart draw people to him.  They help him to survive even when he is completely helpless.  A power of Goodness beyond his own understanding seems to always be there to watch over Cord and keep him on his path.  The powers given to him by accident only increase the power of a pure hero's heart to create Vandiye, Champion of Rambosia, protector of Earth and father of a 10 year old son.